General FAQs

Where can I purchase G96 Products?

G96 Products can be purchased from several national retailers, many online retailers, and many smaller local gun shops and armorers.  You can find them by simply doing a search using keywords such as: G96, G96 Gun Treatment, G96 Synthetic Gun Oil, G96 Gun Blue, etc.  If you have difficulty obtaining our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Our products are available domestically and internationally.  On our LINKS page you will find a listing of domestic and international wholesale distributors.  You may also contact them for assistance in finding a local retailer.

What is G96 Gun Treatment?

G96 "Triple Action" Gun Treatment is the finest most complete firearms product made. It Cleans, Lubricates, and Protects your gun in one operation.  No solvent or preservation necessary. Cleans Your Gun:  Contains solvents which will completely remove all traces of rust, gun powder, leading, and corrosion in seconds. Lubricates Your Gun:  Contains lubricants which will not freeze, oxidize, or evaporate (the result of missile research).  Leaves no gummy residue.  Keeps firing pin and all moving parts working as low as -50F below zero; insures perfect firing every time. Protects Your Gun:  Leaves invisible magnetic film over all metal parts which protects your gun against rust under all weather conditions, even salt water spray.  Protects frequently handled guns against "fingerprint" damage.  

What is the difference between G96 Gun Treatment or Gun Oil and G96 Synthetic CLP Gun Oil?

Synthetic CLP Gun Oil has been approved by the US Military (MIL-PRF-63460E) whereas Gun Treatment is not an approved product for the US Military. Gun Treatment and Gun Oil are petroleum based.  The Synthetic CLP gun oil is synthetic based.  The Synthetic CLP Gun Oil is 85% biodegradable and contains no VOC's. Synthetic CLP Gun Oil only comes in a liquid form whereas G96 Gun Treatment is available in either a liquid bottle or an aerosol spray can. Synthetic CLP Gun Oil has slightly better cold weather specifications.  Synthetic CLP gun oil is rated at -74F and Gun Treatment is rated at -50F. Synthetic CLP Gun Oil has slightly better corrosion protection and slightly better clean up after firing. Synthetic CLP Gun Oil has Corrosion Protection from Propellant Reaction Products Both have excellent properties for Preservation protection for long and short term. Neither product will evaporate. Neither product will thicken or congeal.

What is the difference between G96 Gun Treatment (aerosol) and G96 Gun Oil (liquid)?

They are the same product except one is an aerosol (spray) and the other is a liquid in a bottle with a twist cap.  Both are petroleum based.

What is the difference between Bore Solvent and Bore Solvent Gel?

They are the same product except the Gel version is gelatinous.  It is used primarily inside of long barrels where one would want the solvent to adhere to the inside of the barrel around the entire circumference evenly without dripping down the inside walls of the barrel prematurely. It is recommended that the firearm be re-treated with Gun Treatment or Synthetic CLP Gun Oil after use.

What is the difference between Nitro Solvent and Copper Solvent?

Nitro solvent is used for skeet and trap shooters to help remove corrosive acid residue from plastic shot shells. Copper solvent is used to remove copper or gilded metal fouling and powder residue in all firearm bores.  Maybe harmful around painted metal, plastic, synthetic stocks or varnished stocks.  Ammonia based. It is recommended that the firearm be re-treated with Gun Treatment or Synthetic CLP Gun Oil after use.

Where should I use Crud Buster or Gun Degreaser?

Crud Buster is used to help remove dirt particles from difficult to reach areas without disassembling the firearm.  Crud Buster is a powerful aerosol spray that helps "blast away" dirt and crud.  Gun Degreaser is used to clean and degrease metal especially before bluing.  Gun Degreaser is a liquid that comes in a bottle.  Gun Treatment or Synthetic CLP Gun Oil should be applied after Crud Buster or Gun Degreaser.

What is RUSTBUSTER® Detergent Action Penetrating Oil?

RUSTBUSTER® Quickly Changes Rust and Dirt from a Solid to a Liquid. Hundreds of Industrial Uses:
  • Frees Rusted Nuts, Bolts, Studs, Locks Frees Sticky Valves, Frozen Battery Terminals, Jammed and Locked Mechanisms.
  • Frees Corroded Bolts on mufflers and tailpipes.
  • Lubricates automotive shocks, manifolds, heat control vales, and throttle linkages.
  • Removes grime, grease, and carbon from engine heads.
  • Cleans and lubricates lawn mowers, door hinges, locks, window cracks, bicycles, sewing machines, outboard marine motors, farm machinery, and earth moving equipment.
Used by Airlines, Truck and Bus Fleets, Plumbers, Garage men, Industrial Maintenance Men, etc

What is G96 Leather & Boot Waterproofing?

G96 Leather & Boot Waterproofing is a new scientific formula that makes leather waterproof without impairing its breathing characteristics.  Maintains leather flexibility at low temperatures and extends life in presence of salt and alkalis.  Good for use on old and new leather.  Not sticky - leaves leather smooth to the touch.

What is G96 Fabric Waterproofing?

G96 Fabric Waterproofing is a scientific compound that chemically unites with fabrics and leather to produce an effective long lasting waterproofing.  Will last through repeated washings.  Lets fabrics breathe; will not clog pores; is completely invisible, will not stain clothing and leaves no odor.  Not sticky, greasy, or gummy.

Does G96 still manufacture hunting knives?

No.   G96 knives are no longer available and have not been available for many years.  The knives were produced by a separate division of "G96 Brand" that is no longer in existence.  The third party manufacturer is also no longer in business.  We do not support, warranty, repair or replace any knives that are still in circulation.

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