Silicone Gun and Reel Cloth

Silicone Gun and Reel ClothSilicone cloth puts a deep, like-new luster on all metal surfaces to repel dirt, prevent finger marks, and displace moisture. Constructed of heavyweight flannel, triple treated and fully impregnated.  (14in. x 15in.)  Cleans, polishes and protects all metal and wood surfaces.  Use on guns, gun sights, fishing tackle, reels, tools, scopes, and automobile accessories.

 G96 stock # 1093

  • Cleans: Triple treated to absorb and hold dirt and residues, etc.
  • Polishes: Produces a deep and like-new luster on all metal surfaces and on gun stock.
  • Protects: Spreads invisible shield over all metal surfaces that repels dirt and prevents finger marks and displaces moisture.
  • Triple treated: With a new exclusive blend of silicone with corrosion inhibitors.  It will protect metal surfaces from rust and corrosion at extreme temperatures.

Directions for use:

Clean surface with a high-quality degreaser, such as G96 Gun Degreaser, or a similar product.  Rub Gun & Reel Cloth over surface until luster appears.  You have then imparted a thin impervious film that will not evaporate or dry out for extreme long periods of time.  Re-wipe surface after handling your gun or reel.  Gun & Reel Cloth may be used over and over again until chemical wears out.