Fabric Waterproofing

Fabric WaterproofingThoroughly waterproofs clothing and outer wear. Allows fabric to breathe. Completely invisible. Leaves no odor. Is not sticky or greasy. Long-lasting – lasts through repeated washing.

Available in 7.8 fl. oz. aerosol spray cans.
G96 stock # 1060A

Directions for use:

For best results be absolutely certain that the article to be treated is completely free from soap or detergent. If article was washed be sure to rinse thoroughly to get rid of detergent. If article was dry cleaned, please ask dry cleaners not to use detergent in the dry cleaning process. Be sure article to be treated is dry. Spray surfaces evenly, but lightly. Hold can about 12 inches away from the item being waterproofed. Dries in minutes. For long term protection, apply a second coat after the first one is dry. Allow to air dry at least 24 hours for most effective waterproofing protection. To waterproof leather, use 3 applications; allow 24 hours to dry.